Laurie came to a Brooklyn Rider concert a few months ago. She wrote and said she enjoyed herself but would have preferred it if I had worn her companies socks rather than a different design! After checking out her site it wasn't hard to decide that her socks were so much fun. Thanks for the beautiful socks Laurie!

Ozone The Company (created by Laurie Mallet)
“Ozone Design is devoted entirely to putting fashion and fun into socks and tights. Amazingly, they were still looked upon as undergarments.” Laurie’s goal was to bring spirit and passion to one of the most intimate and neglected parts of our wardrobe. “For too long the sock has been ignored by the world of fashion and we’re going to change that.”

A recent men’s vogue article sums it up:
“When Mallet talks about her dreams for socks, people often ask her what all the fuss is about. Most of the time no one can see your socks anyway. 'Fashion is something you do for yourself,' says Mallet. 'Of course, when other people get a glimpse, that is exciting. But I prefer the idea that socks are your secret weapon.'"