The Greater Bridgeport Symphony process actually began in the 1930s, during the Great Depression when music pulsated from a State Street building next to City Hall, where Frank Foti conducted the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Symphony Orchestra, formed for unemployed musicians who previously played at local theatres. Currently GBS presents five subscription concerts per season, but this is only the most visible sign of their presence in the Greater Bridgeport community.  An essential part of their mission is education. In the spring of 2016, GBS visited Bridge Academy and Central High School in Bridgeport, and Notre Dame High School in Fairfield.  Eric Jacobsen and Concertmaster Debbie Wong performed for the students, and engaged them in conversation about the relevancy of symphonic music in their lives. 

The 2016-2017 season marks Eric Jacobsen's 3rd year as Music Director of the Greater Bridgeport Symphony. Season highlights will include a celebration of what would be Leonard Bernstein's 99th birthday.