" ... Mr. Jacobsen was an interpretive dynamo. 

...Eric Jacobsen was a deferential accompanist, adding a warm glow...”

- The New York Times

...As a conductor, Jacobsen never upstaged the music. He used graceful, sweeping motions or small, precise strokes

for trickier passages. But there was nothing flashy about his direction; he appeared perfectly content to let featured

musicians keep the momentum going when appropriate."

-Orlando Sentinel

"The orchestral playing is particularly impressive: The Knights under the baton of Eric Jacobsen, provide both a

strong force and subtle sensitive moments. In the slow middle movement the woodwinds ignite their engine over

which Shaham and his solo violin bask in the expansive sonic beauty. Warm bassoon tone with singing clarinets feature

strongly. The orchestra gives strength in characters, glowing and shimmering, showing the romantic side of Prokofiev.

The third movement is full of ever-changing virtuosic prowess, the feeling of dance-like rhythm taking centre stage."